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Systems Products International, Inc. (SPI) is the industry's technology leader. We are proud to have built Orange, the most advanced timeshare software available. We are committed to continue building functionality to help our customers achieve increased productivity and efficiency. Industry experts and technology leaders have been vocal with their praise for the SPI Orange Microsoft.NET platform.  SPI is an innovator with easy-to-use yet powerful tools for every area of the business. SPI innovations include; instant sales contracts, automated owner servicing, wireless check-in, owners websites, management dashboards, Microsoft Office integration and business intelligence tools for strategic analysis. For companies that wish to extend SPI Orange, we provide an open platform which supports future growth and development.  

Business Expertise

SPI executives and staff know the timeshare and hospitality business inside and out. SPI has been there through four decades of the timeshare business and we continue to evolve. From the early days of timeshare to today, from fixed and floating products, to club, fractional, and hybrid products, SPI is a recognized expert in all areas of business operations for the vacation ownership industry. We succeed by making the complex, simple and manageable for our customers.


Any software package is only as good as the implementation and support team that stand behind the system. With more than 30 years experience and hundreds of installations, SPI is a proven vendor. We have developed successful methods for software implementation, data conversion, user training, project management, software upgrades and on-going support. Our dedicated implementation and support specialists are a team of experienced professionals whose job is to assure the success of your project. They are great people too! SPI has the best track record in the business.


SPI is a tremendous value. There are cheaper options, but none that even come close to value of SPI. The return on investment realizable from installing SPI Orange is dynamic. The software reduces redundancies and errors, improves operational efficiency, and provides management with better information and the tools to master their operations across all facets of the business. The bottom line is a better run and more profitable enterprise. Perhaps that is why more companies replace their existing timeshare software with SPI Orange. 

SPI Orange has become the preferred software for leading developers, operators and mangement companies. Contact us today to discuss your needs.  We are ready, willing and able to help you succeed!

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